11 May 2011

Blended Root Beer Float

I was at a party the other day when I had some root beer for the first time in...years, probably. I never drink sodas. I am a water or low sodium V8 type woman. I guess it was part of my Mormon upbringing of no soda and I just got used to not having any. I'm not really a fan of anything carbonated. Anyway, drinking the root beer randomly made me remember having blended root beer floats from Sonic when I lived in Texas. I decided to make my own with awesome ingredients.

Tommy's Naked Soda in Righteous Root Beer flavor. (It has no added color, nothing artificial and actually tastes fabulous.
Coconut Bliss Coconut ice cream in Naked Coconut flavor.

I haven't perfected the ratios yet and this was a bit thin to my taste, but I put in about four big scoops of ice cream in a blender and added one bottle root beer. Briefly blend to not break down the ice cream too much. Pour into tall glasses and drink quickly.

This needs to be worked on a bit. Overall, very tasty. The coconut flavor wasn't over powering the root beer. I really like this line of sodas, for when I really want one. They have a great cream soda as well.


  1. You didn't have a lot of soda growing up? I remember Dad bringing home a Pepsi almost every day that we all got a little of. Maybe since you were the youngest you missed out on all that.

    I remember Grumpy making homemade rootbeer at all family events, also. I think we will try to make some at the reunion this summer. I am sorry that you missed out on soda growing up, but maybe some habits are good not to start. Just good memories for me.

    By the way, the recipe looks great.


  2. Of course, Dad had a lot of Pepsi, but I never had any. Also, mom would get soda to put in punches and such on New Years or other holidays. I never really liked any of it. I never remember Grumpy making rootbeer, that is interesting.

    So no soda for me and that is just fine. Or mostly, no soda for me.

  3. I am fine with you not drinking much soda, a very healthy habit to have. I guess I was kind of surprised that you made it sound like it was because of you were raised Mormon that you didn't have much soda.

    Jason and I are talking about making root beer at the reunion. I wish I had grumpy's old recipe, but I think ours is pretty good to. If you make it, you might have to try some.