19 January 2011

First Post!

I am recreating my blog over here from CouscousCarol on livejournal. I really like the layout of blogger better than livejournal. There aren't ads that pop up randomly and I can keep track of how many people come by and look at my food.

Anyway, I am in a way reinventing the blog. I was recently married and have been feeling very domestic ever since, so this blog will be a chronicle into our eating habits. I'm vegan-ish (dairy bothers my stomach, but I still eat it sometimes) and my husband is an omnivore, but all of the recipes here will be a part of my vegan adventures in the kitchen.

We are both in grad school and super busy, thus our meals must be easy to prepare, delicious, and there must be no left overs. We always have good intentions of eating leftovers, but never do. We are also on a grad student salary and meals are prepared as cheaply as possible with fantastic, hippy ingredients.

I hope you enjoy browsing around. Happy eating!

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