28 January 2011

No Hurry Vegetable Curry

Tonight's dinner was pretty good. It was much too watery, so much so that I did not add the coconut milk called for because it would add too much to the liquid. Next time, much less water.

Into my slow cooker went:
potatoes, diced
celery, diced (I would have also added carrots, had I not just run out)
red chili
curry powder
coriander seeds, crushed
cayenne powder
Better than Bouillon Broth paste

It cooked on low for about 8 hours.

I had chickpeas cooking in my other slow cooker and when I arrived home, I added about a cup to the curry. I also added a couple of hand fulls of kale and turned the curry up to high while the rice was cooking. I added a bit of cornstarch in the hopes it would thicken up the sauce, but it never got hot enough for that to happen. I need to start making a roux in the morning because my soups have not been very thick.

Dual slow cooker mania!

Our food lately has been really meh. Maybe I'll remake the hot and sour soup due to it being one of the best things I have made lately.

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