01 February 2011

Beans on toast

My husband and I have been watching the TV show Lie to me. Tim Roth plays the main character and he loves beans on toast. After hearing him talk about this meal for a few episodes, I decided to add it to our breakfast menu. It was super easy and delicious.

Baked beans (I used Bush's Vegetarian baked beans, but I hope to make my own in the future)
Sourdough toasted bread
Sriracha sauce

For a garnish, I added relish and cucumbers.

Heat beans in a small saucepan over medium low heat. Add a couple dashes of sriracha sauce and stir to mix completely. Toast the sourdough bread.

Put bread on plate and top with beans. Eat with a fork and knife.

We ate about half the can for breakfast and took the rest with two more pieces of toast for lunch.

My husband loved this dish. I'm sure I will be making much more in the coming days.

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