03 February 2011

Coconut Rice Pudding

Yesterday, I had leftover coconut milk and rice from my failed dessert and awesome dinner. I didn't have any room in my small fridge to store them, so I decided to try and make a rice pudding with them.

Coconut milk
rice, cooked
vanilla extract
crushed cardamom
maple syrup

Heat the coconut milk in a pan over medium heat. I used about equal proportions of milk to rice. When the milk starts to bubble around the edges, add the rice and lower the heat. Stir to combine. The rice will absorb the milk as it heats. Add the vanilla and spices. Combine and continue heating until most of the milk is gone. Taste and add any maple syrup for sweetener.

Both my husband and myself thought this was really really really good. I was surprised at how well it came out. Next time I have coconut milk and rice to use up, I will be making this again.

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