14 February 2011

Sushi Night!

This past weekend, I decided that I was craving some sushi and I hadn't started anything in the slow cooker to have anything for dinner, so we had sushi!

I made two batches, one with white jasmine rice and the other with long grain brown rice. My rice cooker makes the rice pretty sticky, so having it stick was not an issue. I liked both batches and my husband preferred the white rice one.

rice vinegar

soy sauce
pickled ginger
sriracha-veganaise sauce (I use this on pretty much everything)

Cook rice on stove or in rice cooker until done. Move to a glass bowl and mix to cool. Add about equal parts of rice vinegar and sugar to the rice. I had about 2 cups of rice and added about 1 T each. Mix together and allow to cool further. When the rice is warm and manageable, lay out a nori sheet on a bamboo rolling mat. Cover about 2/3 of the nori with a layer of rice, making sure to go out to the ends. I had to use my hands a bit and if your hands are wet, then the rice will not stick to them. In the middle of the rice, place any fillings. We had avocado in one and cucumber/avocado/tofutti cream cheese in the other. Roll using the the mat to make a firm roll. Use a sharp knife and cut into rolls.

Serve with all your favorite dippings.

Sushi is really easy to make. We are going to add it to our easy to prepare meal list on nights when we don't really want to cook.

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