07 May 2011

Almond Milk

Making your own nutmilk is easy, cheap, and delicious. We started making our own when we decided to stick to a food budget and the carton of almond milk was constantly going bad from us not using it fast enough. Now we usually only make enough for the recipe we are using it for.

blanched, slivered almonds (if you do this with whole almonds you will need to blanch them first and discard the skins. I think it makes the milk bitter, or that is what I heard. I haven't tried it with the almonds skins on.)
maple syrup (I haven't added sweetening to it in a long time, it doesn't really need it.)

Using a ratio of 1 part almonds to 4 parts water, place the water and almonds in a blender.

Blend until everything is blended about 30 seconds - 1 minute. Add any sweetener. Devour.

I don't strain this. The almond bits are pretty small and can usually be added to whatever I am putting the almond milk into.

We both think this a pretty fantastic. We use it every Saturday in our weekly pancakes and when we make bread or any other time a milk is needed.

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