08 May 2011

Bread Machine Bread

Recently, my husband and I bought a bread machine from Goodwill for $15! We go through bread pretty frequently and with this, it is a lot cheaper and we get the smell of fresh bread in the apartment. I am so happy we bought it.

We use a recipe from Bob's Red Mill for white whole wheat flour. Instead of the water/dry milk called for in the recipe, we use the same quantity of almond milk.

We also proof the yeast before putting it in the machine. I know, they tell you to never do that, but it seems to make the loaf come out so much better. The vital wheat gluten is vital to the success of bread dough in general. It makes the dough rise by about 10% more. We had the dough hit the top of the lid a couple of times.

Also, while the dough is mixing, we open the lid and check for dryness/wetness and add more flour or liquid as appropriate. You can still touch, feel, poke your dough even though a machine is doing most of the work for you.

Look at it! It is delicious!

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