03 March 2013

Breakfast Board

I started eating what I call breakfast boards when I visited Svalbard, Norway for work a few years ago. At the hotels they had Pickled breakfast buffets - pickled fish, pickled onions, pickled pickles, brown cheese, soft-boiled eggs and I loved making myself a plate with everything I could eat.

The last time my husband and I visited Portland, we went to Broder and I was so happy to have something so similar to my Svalbard memory. Over Christmas, we went to Berlin, Germany and had breakfast at Cafe Marx where they had a delicious vegetarian breakfast board (if a bit salty, but all German food is too salty to me). It was time to make a breakfast board at home.

You can use a variety of vegetables/dips for your board, this is just what I had on hand today.
bell pepper
bread and butter pickles
toast points with homemade bread

I love being able to put together different food bites during my breakfast to get a variety of flavours and textures.


  1. I love the idea of a breakfast board, especially mixing different flavors and textures. We do a similar thing for quick, easy dinners sometimes with crackers, hummus, olives, stuffed grape leaves, pickles, berries, crudite, etc. Each nibble is a little different than the one before, and it couldn't be quicker or easier to make.

    1. Agreed! I especially like doing it in the summer because you don't have to heat up anything, and yet get a delightfully fun meal to eat.