21 January 2011

Mushroom Risotto

Another recipe from Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. Click here to see all my posts about recipes from this book.

I had really high hopes for this recipe. I really enjoy risotto and I thought that the method of cooking it in the slow cooker would make it easier and delicious.

This turned out to not be the case.

I don't know if it was the porcini mushrooms I bought or if making risotto in the slow cooker is not a good idea, but this came out tasting terrible. The mushrooms smelled a bit like human feces. I had never bought dried porcinis before, is this normal? After about 1.5 hours in the slow cooker this was a gelatinous goo and not creamy risotto.

I think I am going to try this recipe again, but without the mushrooms and maybe see what it looks like after an hour.

It was a good thing we bought rolls at the grocery store - mini sandwiches for dinner. I toasted my bread and put on tofutti cream cheese, sriracha, pickles, lettuce, and onions. It went perfectly with my tortilla chips.


  1. Here are three recipes for risotto from my favorite crock pot website. I have never tried them, as hubby does not like risotto, but it will give you something to compare it to your recipe. Also, you will have to figure out how to veganize it. I don't know about the mushrooms (yuck!)




    Also, thank you for the idea of using Siracha on sandwiches. We just use it for sushi, but we don't make it often enough to make it worth it to buy.

  2. My recipe looks very similar to the last recipe you posted. Maybe my crockpot cooks hot and two hours was too long for it to cook, because it was very gummy and gooey. I used to not like mushrooms, but then I had them prepared properly (you know, fresh, not from a can) and I like them now.

    Sriracha sauce keeps forever. We have four bottles stashed at our apartment and our offices so we can always add a bit of spice to our food.

    Who could not like risotto? When prepared properly it is creamy and fantastic. Some people's husbands, geez.