23 January 2011

Savory Stuffed Wheat-Meat Roast

Another entry in the slow cooker challenge

This one sounded like it would be delicious. Overall, it was pretty good, but there are things I would change if I were to make it again.

Braaaaiinns, after marinating all night long

I made the seitan last night and allowed it to marinate over night. The recipe called for it to just marinate in soy sauce, but I used about half of the soy sauce called for, added some olive oil, and filled the rest with water. The resulting roast was very very salty. I might eliminate the soy sauce completely or at least limit it drastically next time I make it.

Gluten rolled out, stuffing and rolled up with stuffing

The gluten was a pain to roll out. I enlisted the help of my husband who has more upper body strength than I do. I wish we had rolled it thinner because the ends were a bit too thick.

The stuffing part was delicious. While it cooked, the stuffing seemed to have melted into the gluten.

I had some left over stuffing, so I cooked it in my other crock pot for about three hours.

Stuffing before and after cooking

Finally, the roast. It was much much too salty. The water drizzled over top of the roast had soy sauce in it as well. Next time, much much less soy sauce.

Before cooking, after cooking, Im gunna eat choo!, inside the roast.

Verdict? It was good and I am looking forward to eating the roast this week with a bit of gravy. My husband didn't like the chewy texture of the roast and compared the appearance to haggis, but I thought it tasted fine. I loved how brown the roast became cooking in the slow cooker. The stuffing really is the best part about this dish.

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