01 February 2011

Mini Tofu Wontons

I still have wonton wrappers left over from wontons I made several weeks ago. It is a good thing they are still good.

I made the Hot and Sour Soup again, but it did not turn out as well the second time around. The broth wasn't as flavorful. I had made mini tofu wontons to go along with dinner and at least those were tasty.

Wonton wrappers
Sriracha sauce
baked tofu
shredded cabbage (I used a broccoli slaw mix)


Lay a wonton wrapper on a flat surface. Squirt a line of sriracha in the middle of the sheet and place a piece of tofu on the sauce. Cover with a bit of the cabbage. Wet all the edges of the wrapper and roll up like a burrito, turning in the sides and rolling up the middle.

Preheat a cast iron pan over medium heat while rolling the wontons. Pour in enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Fry the wontons until brown on all sides, turning so each side is cooked, about 7 minutes.

Serve with a hot and sweet dipping sauce.

Hot and Sweet Dipping sauce

Asian Chili Paste
Soy sauce


Put the paste in a small dipping cup and add a dash of soy sauce. Sprinkle with a pinch of sugar and add enough water to the consistency you desire. Mix up and serve with mini tofu wontons.

Since the soup didn't work out, my husband made burritos, a stand by meal for us. As long as we keep tortillas and refried black beans around, I know that we will have at least one meal covered.


  1. I bought a package of baked tofu, but it is really easy to make your own. As soon as this package runs out, I am going to make my own.

    This is a general recipe you can follow. Make sure to press your tofu before hand so it will have the right consistency to accept any marinade you want to apply.