30 April 2012

Cooking for my parents

Last week I was in Colorado for a conference. The weekend before the conference, I spent a few days seeing my sister and her family, my aunt, uncle, cousin, and my parents. It was good to see everyone!

I made a couple of things for my parents during my brief visit.

My dad had some vital wheat gluten and nutritional yeast. So I decided to make vegan sausages.

Look at all the cast iron! I am super duper jealous.

This was the best way I could come up with to steam them.

What my mom was doing while I was cooking. Making a quilt for my nephew!

Chickpea gluten sausage, broccoli and carrots, and brown rice.

My mom and I were chatting and she started looking through my food blog when she came across the recipe for the Bubble Up Pizza Bites. She made some dough in her bread machine and then we rolled out pieces and filled them with tomato sauce, olives, and mushrooms. She put cheese on half of them. We rolled the toppings so that the dough was completely enclosing them. I think it works better that way, even though it is no longer "bubbling up". Pretty tasty!

My parents had two bananas reaching the end of its life. I decided to make some banana bread with it before I left. I used the recipe from here and it came out a bit dry, but it was still tasty. I did not use the sesame seeds on top, although they sound really good.

Lately, my seitan has not been coming out super duper well. It is slimy and not well formed. I'm not sure what changed in my seitan skillz, but they are lacking now. My parents were nice enough to eat the seitan and say that it tasted good. Also, since we have gotten the rice cooker, I have a hard time making rice on the stove top, this came out a bit gloopy. Not my finest culinary moment.


  1. So glad the beet ravioli turned out well - it will taste great with the addition of rosemary. You're pictures look delicious!

  2. Yay! A new quilt! Cooking in cast iron on an electric stove (don't you have gas?) is guaranteed to make things come out a bit different, don't you think?