18 September 2011

Menu Planning Sunday

On Sundays I like to plan the meals for the week. I like to be able to look at the board, know that I have all the ingredients for everything on there and be able to put food together easily. When we moved into our new apartment, there was a perfect nook for a chalkboard in the kitchen. Everyone that comes over comments on it. So, it must be awesome, yes?

If you can't read the picture it is transcribed below. The top row is breakfast, middle lunch, and bottom dinner. The CP in a box means that the meal is made in the crock pot.

Monday: Beans on toast, tasty sandwich, fajitas

Tuesday: Steel cut oats, lentil soup, taco Tuesday!

Wednesday: breakfast sandwich, chili, tater tot casserole

Thursday: bagels, Amy's Soup, curry with rice

As you can see, I spend a lot of eating foods that I have made before and I know are good in the interest of time. I love cooking. A lot. With the semester in full swing I have less time to spend there. Speaking of time and not having enough but doing more things anyway, I signed up to participate in Veganmofo again this year! I hope that I will be full of inspiration for meals to make in October.

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